HofSport Marine
HS-3 Ultimate Transom Light

-Super high brightness in all colors
-Very low power usage
-Top of the line components
-Made in USA
-Available with custom insert colors
-Small size. ONLY 3" diameter by 1" tall.

Our flagship product is our HofSport® - HS-3 Ultimate Underwater Transom Light. Available in various colors of light output as well as your choice of custom colored insert.

Engineered, designed, and Hand Made in the USA using only top of the line components. The outer shell is cut from Billet 316L Stainless Steel and inside is Billet 6061 Aluminum. With totally customize-able inserts that can be finished in any color to match your boat. They are truly the Ultimate Underwater Transom Light for hardcore boating enthusiasts.

These are not mass produced lights made overseas with inferior materials. Each light is hand made and tested in the USA just for your boat. Pricing below includes your choice of color for your inserts. When we say your choice of color we really mean it! Send us the color code and/or a sample of the color you want and we will make it just for you.

Price for one HS-3 Ultimate Transom Light  with custom insert: $299.00
To order below, simply choose the color you would like for the light output and then enter your color code for your custom insert color. If you don't have a color code the just state "will send you a color sample" in that section.

Color of Light
Enter color code for insert.

Price for one HS-3 Ultimate Transom Light  with standard insert: $249.00
To order below, choose the color you would like for the light output and choose the standard insert color that you would like.

Color of Light
Color of insert

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